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According to Minister Alethia Simmons".Beside The Still Waters servers as a practical message to encourage people who have been plagued with the dreadful disease of cancer. Deborah Bradley gives a descriptive documentation of her personal walk through the diagnosis, treatment and after care of cancer. This journey leads to the arms of God who becomes the healing source of her mind, body and soul. As a result, she releases sole dependence in medical science and gravitates to an unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. This revelation persuades her to develop a delicate yet enduring relationship with God.".

Deborah E. Bradley is a 2 year breast cancer survivor. She holds a B.S. in Special Education and an M.A. in Mental Health counseling. Her work experience includes 34 years of teaching and counseling. She has produced two gospel cds titled: Hope for Life and Tis the Season. She currently resides in the District of Columbia and is an elder of Life Ministries International and is a board member of the Ionia R. Whipper Home.

To learn more or to contact Deborah E. Bradley email her at: bradleydle@yahoo.com or log onto www.psalmistdeborahedwardsbradley.com


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