Trena D. Stephenson

Trena Stephenson is a glorious, compassionate, humble and loving woman of GOD. She exemplifies the Lord in faith and good works. Trena is a gifted preacher, teacher, worship leader, author, playwright, entrepreneur and intercessor. .

Daughters of Distinction (DOD) LLC, was birthed in 2008, as a result of her growing passion and expertise for writing and helping others. In 2010 under the DOD umbrella, Stephenson launched Soar Magazine, an online publication to empower and encourage the people God. This has been yet another publishing opportunity that Stephenson has also been able to share with others her platform to highlight other ministry leaders, writers, psalmists, artists and authors for the edifying of His Kingdom. She has authored and compiled several books and has produced a number of titles under the book publishing component of DOD. Some of the book titles include, "My Secret Place", "A Drink From The Well", "And He Still Hears", just to name a few. She also birthed "The Fullness of God" Book Series in which a number of anointed and appointed co-authors were invited to join her on this book writing venture as she served as lead visionary for the powerful four-installment series released over the course of the year in 2011. Since that time a number of additional titles and books series have been published in the year 2012 and 2013. Trena Stephenson is not only a visionary but a generous woman of great faith, compassion, and integrity. 

Another component of (DOD) LLC is the radio and television broadcast and programming. Little did Stephenson know how God was preparing her for something greater when the door was opened for her to be a guest speaker on "The Wenda Royster Show", a radio broadcast of Radio One; Rejoice TV Network; TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), and Preach the Word Network. In April 2008, Stephenson became the Executive Producer and Creative Director for Daughters of Distinction TV, which housed two shows; Daughters of Distinction Live and Let's Talk. Both shows previously aired on Rejoice TV Network in MD and DC.  

On May 7, 2011, Trena Stephenson launched "The Fullness of God" Radio Broadcast airing in multiple cities spanning over seven states. Most recently God has further expanded and enlarged the territory of Stephenson's media ministry to reach international audiences through Daily Living TV Network, the ministry's own parent network housing all former and future broadcasts. The network along with Roku and The Dish World TV Networks have partnered to produce "insightful and life edifying" programs such as "The Fullness of God" broadcast as well as Daughters of Distinction's "Let's Talk" and more shows forthcoming. Radio programming will be airing live and will span across listening audiences in GA, NC, SC, FL. PA, AL, and LA. And this is only just the beginning. Official launched Daily Living TV Network, on April 1, 2013.

When God opens the door for Stephenson she walks through it with boldness under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit with the purpose of leading someone to Christ. Her love for the Lord is truly a blessing and is demonstrated by the lives she touches in her church home, community and throughout the world. |